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Alcohol Wipes in Canister, 100's
#AP-AW306-US-Stock AP-AW306-US-Stock

  • Wipes
  • Alcohol
  • Canister
  • 100s
  • USA
60 $2.73 each
120 $2.35 each
300 $2.32 each
540 $2.18 each
1020 $2.15 each
3000 $2.07 each

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# AP-AW306-US-Stock AP-AW306-US-Stock - Alcohol Wipes in Canister, 100's

These wipes are made of 75% alcohol, non-woven fabric and RO pure water. The spunlace non-woven fabric is tough and resistant to pull, and it is not easy to break. Suitable for multiple scenarios: hands, mobile phones, computers, door handles, etc. to effectively inhibit germs. With high cotton content, this is soft and skin-friendly. Safe and reliable with effective sterilization. 100 sheets packed in a canister. Sold with generic label. Available in the USA.

Orders must be in multiples of 60 after MOQ.

FDA certified.
Limited stock only. First come first serve.

Price Includes:
Lead Time (including shipping time):
Standard Service (business days): Shipping time: 3-7 days
Rush Service (business days):

Product Detail:
Type: Wipes
Standard Colors:
Imprint Methods:
Imprint Location: N/A
Imprint Size: N/A
MOQ: 60
Item Dimension (inch): 7.87" x 7.87"
Item Shape: Rectangular wipes; Cylindrical canister
Material: 75% alcohol
Standard Package: Plastic Container
Item Weight (g): 907.18

Add-Ons with Extra Charges

Normal Production Time

Product Size
7.87" x 7.87"

907.18 g

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